Friday, April 9, 2010

six random things I really , really like

I know I have posted about my deer love before, but I will say it again! When I was a child and staying with my Grandpa, every evening near dusk , I would sit on his front porch and watch the deer graze at the end of his driveway. The golden part of the day combined with the peaceful does and fawns made for a very relaxing view! I get so happy when I see them now, in the wild or at a zoo!
When I lived with my grandfather in Pennsylvania it was in the Susquehanna Valley with the Appalachian Mountains all around. It was such a beautiful and majestic sight! God's handiwork sure is nice!

After living in Florida for 25 years where there is either really hot weather or a little less hot weather, I am thrilled to be living where there are four distinct seasons! Fall was always my favorite as I grew up in the North East. The colors are so invigorating and they enliven the scenery with each brushstroke. Another example of God's creation being so restorative.

I love looking at them and listening to them! I find that they are so beautiful and the songs they sing are literally music to my ears! God's creation is the best recreation out there! I also love bird images in jewelry and art, etc. It never grows old for me!

Indian Food
My son in law is from India so we have learned to eat many different foods that he makes and at our favorite Indian restaurant, Taj India in Birmingham . I love Chicken Tikka Masala, Tandoori Chicken, the naan bread, Butter Chicken, Korma and many other delicious things served there! It is now my favorite cuisine!

A Really Good Cup Of Coffee
I like strong, slightly burnt tasting coffee, fresh, not stale, not weak! I like Starbucks, but my very favorite is served at Urban Standard Coffee House, Birmingham Alabama
which also has the most delicious lunches! One of my all time favorite places!
I love making a good strong cup of coffee at home and sitting on the porch sipping away while listening to and watching the birds!


  1. I have never tried Indian food. I can say thumbs up to the other 5 things!

  2. I'm there with you on the mountains... like them a lot, too! =) I haven't given Indian food much of a chance... whenever we go to eat out and don't want to spend my money on something I might not like. I should try it sometime, huh? =)

  3. I'm with ya' on the deer, mountains and birds!!! My mountains here in the Gap area of Va, look just like yours!!

  4. Oh how many more days until October??!! I miss autumn so much already

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