Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lovely Weather and Missing Christina, Suj and Kavi!!!

Spring has sprung around these here parts! The birds are chirping, flowers and trees are blooming and the bumblebees are out! We mowed and fixed up our back yard last weekend so that we could enjoy that area while the weather is so pleasant and to get ready for Easter guests. A tablecloth covers the stained plastic table on our deck along with cleaned up plastic chairs which I was looking forward to using,to sit on, to sip some coffee, listen to the birds sing etc. etc. Well there was a very militant , fat and fuzzy bumblebee hovering over the table who would have none of that! I swear it was looking directly at me with a mean bumblebee face that said, "this is my turf, lady, you better scram", and scram I did! Even inside the sliding glass doors looking out it was "glaring" and hovering right outside with a "you better not come back out here" stare! Really, I am not making that up, even my family saw it when I called them to look! My husband went out bravely, waving his arms about while us girls stood inside the doors yelling, "you're gonna get stung!", but he didn't, the bee kind of scattered back and forth. A little while later I thought I would brave the great outdoors so I could sit on the deck steps and listen to the birds sing just before sunset. I was actually too intimidated to sit at the table that the bumblebee had claimed and then I noticed that the bee was scaring off some wasps that were checking out the roof eaves for possible real estate. Curious I am, if there is some sort of hidden hive around that we will have to deal with! Any bee advice would be greatly appreciated!
Now my daughter Christina of Consider The Coffee, has been in India for a week with her husband Suj, and son Kavi and I miss them soooo! They have two more weeks to go and it has been very trying on my two year old grandson who is having trouble adjusting to a 9 1/2 hour time change! He has been very clingy to his parents, but his grandparents and aunties there want to enjoy their time with him, and the whole thing is stressing Christina out, so...if you are praying kind of people, please pray for them! The top picture was taken on the roof of the in-laws building!
Happy Easter!!! (just in case I don't have another chance to post before then!)


  1. I'm missing Christina's cheerful blog posts!

  2. I can't imagine a nine hour time change. It's got to be tough on everybody. How would you take timed medication? I am sure you are looking forward to seeing them soon.


  3. Poor Kavi! By the time he gets adjusted, it will be time to come home again!

  4. Hello there! And thank you for your visit! Isnt this spring and all the flowers just lovely? And what an adventurous trip your daughter and her family are on! I can just imagine trying to deal with the time change with a toddler, but it sounds like the trip of a lifetime!~