Monday, April 12, 2010

The Long Journey Home

Pheww! My daughter Christina, her husband and little two year old son are in the air as I write this post, heading from Mumbai, India to Newark, New Jersey then to Tampa, Florida!
They had a good long trip which I am sure Christina will post about in her blog Consider The Coffee.
In the pictures above, my grandson is chilling on the bed in his Indian grandparents home and sweetly leaning on his Grandma there! There is also a picture of the area that they live in which is a very nice neighborhood of condos .


  1. Your little grandson is going to have a wonderful worldly education, which you just can't get in a classroom. I have always been intrigued by India. There is such a beauty to the women there. I bet you just can't wait to give that little guy a big old hug........


  2. I KNOW you can not wait to have them home safe and sound! It seems like it went by quickly to me...but I am sure not to the two of you.

  3. As a granny, I know how happy you'll be to have them home.

  4. such sweet photos of the little guy. glad to hear they'll be home soon, sounds like a whirlwind trip back to the states!