Saturday, April 24, 2010

I can stand...I can walk....I can BOOGIE!

Do any of you remember "Good Times", a crazy sitcom from the seventies? Of course you don't, you are probably not as ancient as I am, but maybe you have seen the reruns? On one episode, JJ gets a job working for a phony healing evangelist, and that is his line every time he pops out of his wheelchair pretending to be healed! When I was 18, I played the part of a cripple in a church skit, whose line, after standing up was" I can stand...I can walk...I can run!", but at rehearsal I couldn't help but say the "Good Times" line, but only me and my best friend thought it was funny and knew where it came from!
Well, I said that line this morning because on Tuesday I injured my sciatic nerve and couldn't hardly walk at all and when I attempted it I cried because it hurt so bad.
Because of this awful condition I was in, my husband and I had to postpone a trip to Florida to see my daughter, son in law and grandson and that did not make me happy one bit! At least my daughter Jenny and friend Rachel got to make the trip and I am glad that they are having a great time.
Muscle relaxers barely made any difference until Friday when I could finally hobble around a little. It was the worst pain I ever felt, from my hip all the way down to my toes, ouch!!!
Well, I thank the Lord that today, my prayers and the prayers of my friends and family were answered and I can actually sit, get up and walk! Or should I say, " I could stand....I could walk....I could boogie!!!"


  1. We used to watch Good Times and I do believe I remember that line.

    So glad you're feeling better!

  2. Oh wow!! I am so sorry you missed your trip and sorry about your back!! Very glad you can boogie now though! Try to relax a bit more and get completely healed before you start going full blast again!

  3. Glad your back is "back" to normal! ;)

  4. aww, Im so sorry... I have had that since my first pregnancy and man does it stink. Mine is permantely damaed. Im so glad you r feeling better, PTL!!! I cant wait to say "Im flying off to see my daughter and granbaby" , how excitin!!! xoxo LA

  5. I'm so sorry you hurt your back! I've been messing with mine since November. Thought it was sciatic because of how it was acting: pain from my hip to my ankle. But mine is just arthritis :( But I had that, too, for several days- could not put any pressure on it when I would first get up.

    Stretching exercises help me; as do the muscle relaxers.

    Too bad you missed your trip!