Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Bloomin' Festival

Today Ray and I drove about an hour away to Cullman, Alabama to check out this annual festival held on the grounds of St. Bernard Prep School. The school grounds looked like something out of a movie with several old stone buildings surrounded by beautiful blooming trees.
The craft show was pretty big with many vendors and we had to pay 5.00 each just to get in. It was worth it just to be able to see the beautiful setting, but alas, I bought nothing! There were some interesting benches and birdhouses for a yard, and even though the pricing was pretty good, neither I nor Ray felt like carrying anything heavy or bulky all the way back to the field we parked in! I guess it wasn't anything I couldn't live without! I think I prefer the indie craft show scene a lot better, where young and old alike set up their tables without the fancy professionally made signs or set ups, like using old suitcases to display your wares or other makeshift displays. It is usually a good sign that pricing will be reasonable and not your grandma's craft fair! (well, I am actually a Grandma, but know what I mean!)
Still, it was fun to be there and thousands attended, so I am sure that the school was able to raise a ton of money! Hope your Saturday was enjoyable too!


  1. I like the smaller more indie shows, too!

    I loved my headband before I got my haircut but you should see how cute it is now!! (I am going to get Aubrey to take a photo the next time I wear it and show you how cute!) The red hair and blue flower were made for each other! I LOVE IT!!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! (I agree, I prefer the smaller indie ones myself). Awesome pictures too! ;)