Friday, March 26, 2010

what I got at the "My mother's treasures" yard sale

2 vintage tablecloths and vintage fabric

Vintage counted cross stitch "Fruit Salad" and 5 knitting needles

a display I could use to show my wares at a craft fair and 7 embroidery hoops...

For a grand total of......$8.00!!! Not too shabby!


  1. YAY!!! I totally think you should go with a vintage/handmade shop! It is so much fun and I am just totally over my other shop because of the new one (which I should not say b/c my other shop doing so well over Christmas is how I got the money to start this shop)

    Anyway, you have such a great eye for vintage things I think you will do really well! My only advice- be strong and get your shipping prices down! A few of my first sales where I ate shipping got me down from the start- my other problem (the stay strong part) I am trying not to shop (with the exception of an estate sale which you just CAN'T pass up) until I start making a profit- but I can't quit!! I will do really well for like 3 days then I crumble.

    I don't really realize that I need to gain control until a situation like this morning (I was lugging a 23 pound package (4 foot tall) package into the post office) and I thought- I am not getting paid a penny for this :)

    My shop is already to the point where it is supporting itself though. I would be doing great if I could resist shopping. I think in time I will calm down though.

    Sorry for the super long comment.

    I love love love the vintage fabric! (I saw some in Arkansas yesterday) Maybe if you do start a shop, I can start keeping my eye open for things you like and could put in your shop and vice versa- then we could have MS and AL covered! (and a little Arkansas too)

  2. 4 feet tall LOL not 4 foot tall

  3. awesome :) i love good deals

  4. thanks for your advice and encouragement Angela! you are very brave to mail such big things!
    we could take over the south one estate sale at a time!

  5. Great finds! I haven't been yard saleing in a while and I'm ready to start again.