Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Salvaged Road Trip me, my husband Ray, daughter Jenny and friend Rachel went on an almost 2 hour road trip to Huntsville to eat lunch and browze through a fancy outside mall. Well, all week long I have felt rumbly stomach things and had some "issues", but yesterday I thought I was doing better. You see my husband had an awful stomach virus last week, really bad and I thought I had just gotten a milder version of it. Well, just as we arrived at our destination and went in to a restaurant I started to feel queezy and like something was rumbling around inside, so after eating , the girls walked quickly through an Antropologie store and then we headed towards home! I felt really bad, but the mall didn't seem all that promising to us anyway!
The GPS led us home a different way and when about 8 miles from our home on a backroad we passed a yard that shot waves of adrenaline through my soul resulting in a turn around and look see! It was like a scene from "American Pickers" which I have recently become addicted to. Piles and piles of junk for sale! An old fashioned enamel covered stove originally caught our eyes along with several metal gliders, chairs etc.,etc. After being greeted by a fine gentleman named Clint we began to peruse and ask the prices. My husband found some old Coca Cola crates for ten dollars each but he didn't want to spend that so Clint pointed out some Pepsi crates for only five each and Ray snatched up 5 of them. He likes to use them for storing paint bottles for his auto exterior paint business.
After asking about several different things, my heart became set on an old Singer sewing machine base with an enamel table top for forty dollars! I love it because it reminds of two things about my Grandpa: he used to be a tailor and had an old, not electric, Singer with the foot pedal, and he also had a few enamel topped tables at his farm. So good feelings from this purchase! Just like in "American Pickers" there was an old rusted car in the yard, a 1956 Packard that had been a hearse that was cut down to be an ambulance for the army. And....of out building filled with tons of "stuff", a word that Clint jokingly said should not be used for his precious inventory! Of course I accidentally said it about three times, and he reminded me of it each time by saying, " now don't go calling my things, stuff!" A really nice gent he was and only 8 miles from my home! We will be stopping by there again!
Incidentally, I didn't feel rumbly the entire time there but upon leaving the rumbles returned!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I got excited just looking at the photos!!!!!!!! I want that green glider and a couple of those big bells!! (Yes, I enlarged the photos and took a good look!)

    I hope your tummy gets better.

  2. Another site you will have to show me on my visit. Sounds like you had a good time (except for the stomach rumbles).

  3. super fun find. LOVE the pepsi crates. I can't wait to get back to our local "junk" yard and do some picking.

  4. what a find! and so close to home. I love finding treasures like that.

  5. Darlene
    oh MY GOODNESS, It looks like such a mess, but on enlarging the photo - I spot many treasures. I wish I could have been there to potter around and perhaps come home with a great find. I am glad you came away with something, you husband too.

    I hope your both feeling much better now.
    PS I've added you to my blogroll, so I don't miss on your creativity and finds.
    Warmest of wishes.