Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Deer...and Starline!

Today my mail carrier, a lovely lady who is ALWAYS taking on her ear bud when she brings my mail, had a wonderful package for me from Ginger's Girl, a lovely Etsy vintage shop. Last year I made a post about how much I love deer, the animal, and deer, the decoration so when I saw that Angela had listed a few plaques in that theme, I had to buy one! Well, after opening he box and immediately finding the perfect spot for it in my living room, I had to order the OTHER one before someone else snatched it up! Living with my Grandpa in rural Pennsylvania when a child, gave me an appreciation for the lovely creatures as they grazed at the end of his driveway each day at dusk. It is one of those endorphin releasing things for me when I see one in real life, which doesn't happen too much, so the next best thing is to have TWO not one decorations hanging in my home!
Later this morning I had to run errands at the post office and bank and thought I would swing by the Goodwill store. I haven't done too much thrift shopping since every corner of my house seems to be at the home decor limit, but I could use some ideas for displaying my goods when at a craft fair or flea market so in I went. At the craft fair I did in December, a few people had their wares displayed in vintage suitcases and trunks, so I have thought about doing that as well. However most vintage luggage is very expensive as they seem to be a hot collectible, but TODAY at Goodwill there was a pristine condition inside and out, Starline suitcase that was only 10.00, so....with a smile on my face and valise in my hand I left Goodwill a happy girl!


  1. Oh Wow! It looks perfect in that frame!!! The suitcase is fantastic and your things will look so great in it!

    Thank you so much for supporting my new shop :) I may just have to drive to Alabama and go to the Worlds Largest Garage Sale with you this year!! Ha! I would have to start saving right now!

  2. I love how you put it in the frame and that plaque is awesome!

  3. Great finds at Goodwill! The sweet deer plaque looks lovely in that frame.

  4. I really like how the plaque looks in that frame too! Awesome suitcase. :)