Monday, March 15, 2010

Fun and a Bug In Florida!

This past weekend my husband Ray and I went to visit our daughter Christina, son in law Suj and grandson Kavi in sunny Florida. We were having a grand old time for the first two days and then an awful virus hit Ray which resulted in projectile vomiting and projectile... well... other stuff! Let's just say that he had a room at the "Poop and Puke Hotel"! So the last day of our three days there were not fun for Ray although he was sitting with everyone in the living room so he could watch our sweet little Kavi play.
Kavi has officially called us "Pa Pa", and Na Na" which made us very happy! He is 2 years old now and is so sweet and affectionate. It was a great visit except for the bug and having to drive back 10 hours when not feeling well. I only had some digestive issues when almost home but we learned that while we were driving, Christina had checked into the aforementioned Hotel, then this morning we learned that Kavi had also experinced this awful malady although not as severe as he was still able to play! Yikes!!!
The first day after we arrived, I was showing Stina my new glasses with black rims which were similar to hers and Kavi ran to pick up Pa Pa's reading glasses that matched, so I had to snap a picture! All these pictures were taken before checking in to you know where!


  1. Oh, that's no fun! Argh. I hope all of you feel better soon. Even after you get better a stay at you-know-where leaves you tired for a couple of days.

  2. Oh what fun you had until that bug came calling. Great glasses photo. It will turn into a family classic I'm sure.