Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my granny gypsy ways

These pictures, my friends are the very reason why I have neglected filling my etsy shop with winter or hair accessories! I have mentioned on a previous post that I had become obsessed with granny squares, granny circles, afghans, pillows...They are not really very good, but I am happy to utilize them to cheer up my decor! I found it hard to take a circle and make it into a square or a hexagon, so the sides of each are slightly askew from one another but it is amazing what one can do by stretching! I could not find a simple granny circle pattern for a round pillow so I improvised. That round pillow is probably the granniest looking thing I have made, something about it not quite chic but....oh well, I like it! When I eventually found a pattern for turning a circle to a square, I ended up with a cute rectangle pillow that is not too bad! And..I enjoyed making the afghan (or lapghan) but it took a long time to make and it is not that big!
It seems that my Granny and Gypsy posts were the impetus for all these projects, but I must soon get back to etsy store fillage!!


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I love the round and rectangle pillows!!! (They look great with your daughter's pillows too) but I just LOVE the colors! I think you should fill your shop with pillows! (esp. in those colors!!)

  2. I agree you should put some of these types of things in your shop!!

  3. these are gorgeous! I soo wish I could crochet. I knit- very simple but I have a thing for granny squares- I collect blankets & pillows and whatever else I find- such great pieces!