Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy 60s

From the end of the 50s ladylike era style to mod to hippie, the 60's were a decade of extremes. I remember being in 4th grade in the 60's and coveting the white go go boots with orange fishnets look! In fact fishnets were in many wild colors, yellow, green, blue and even ordinary white and black! When they first came out, one needed a garter belt to keep them up which is quite annoying for a 4th grader! The Beatles influenced fashion at the time with everything mod including my rectangle shaped purse with a round cut out handle and all four Beatle's faces stamped on it! Oh I loved that purse even though it was too big for me to carry around! Just knowing I owned it at all was quite a thrill! By the end of the decade, bell bottoms came on the scene and it was considered very daring when you got your first pair, but it was the early 70's that really made bell bottoms the thing to own!


  1. I love the whole monochrome black and white look - very Twiggy - shame I can't carry it off LOL

  2. I absolutely hated garter belts! I remember my sister making all her clothes in the late 60's with the orange, yellow and bright green. Believe it not those colors are back in style now!

  3. wow, that midriff in the first photo is sumpthing else! :)

    i love that we are over the 70's-90's and getting back to fun, wearable, ladylike clothes! ok, minus those garter belts jerri :D