Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Heart Row Houses!

Brooklyn Row Houses
A Row Of Colorful Houses

Row House pillowcase
In September I had marked this pillow case in my favorites on etsy from a seller in Finland and to my surprise, my friend Cindy ordered it for my birthday and got it mailed directly to my house! It arrived on the day that I got bleach in my eye! I love any kind of graphic with houses, especially row houses! I think it just brings back memories of living in Queens, New York and also gives me a romanticized view of city living. You know, you wake up early in the morning and walk down to the corner coffee shop where you get a cup of delicious strong coffee and sit outside at a table with an umbrella, sipping away and people watching to start your day! (I accidentally just rhymed that!) Having grown up in Queens I know that anywhere with good stuff also has the added bonus of long lines of eager customers impatiently hoping that they can get their coffee in time to catch the bus to the subway station to get to work on time. But. in my imagination there are no lines or crowds, just a spattering of folks who cheerfully get their orders before moseying off to work. I guess you can tell that I have been away from city life for too long!
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