Friday, October 30, 2009

Is It Wrong For Food to Make you Giddy?

Korean Bul Go Gi Beef

Indian Tandoori Chicken

Thai Yellow Curry

Well, if being giddy from food is wrong, I don't want to be right!
Tonight my husband and I went to dinner at a new Sushi house that opened about five miles from here. I had ordered takeout California rolls the other day, because my daughter Jenny and friend Rachel had been ordering sushi for lunch all week from work. The sushi was great and it came with salad with yummy ginger dressing and Miso soup, also yummy. But...tonight when me and Ray went there we ordered something called Korean Style "Bul Go Gi" served on a sizzling cast iron plate. Well, it smelled fantastic and looked delightful, and after my first bite I looked up at Ray and said, "I feel giddy!" The taste of my chicken Bul Go Gi was a party on my tongue! Garlic, pepper, onions, carrots, all stir fried to perfection! Ray's was beef and was also soooo good, a little more of a sweet taste and just as great as mine!
You see the amazing thing about this was that we didn't have to travel an hour away to get it! It was only about five miles away from my house! And it wasn't "meat and three" ( if you live in the south you know what that means!) It was light and tasty and very satisfying. It wasn't Chilis or Applebees or Macdonalds! Korean style food in our small city!
After this one meal the Asahi Sushi House is ranked right up there with our other favorite restaurants like Taj India in Birmingham! I do think that Indian food is my very favorite, it is something that I crave when I haven't had it for a while. Thank you son in law Suj for introducing us to this aromatic and diverse cuisine! Another favorite is Thai House restaurant in Spring Hill Florida where the variety and tastiness is another craving we have, but alas we live nine hours away from you old friend!
I encourage you to try new ethnic specialties. If you tell your server that you are new to this style of food ask them to make recommendations for you! And you might become giddy from food too!

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