Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Coffee Shops and One Beautiful Lake to Go Please!

Saturday was my birthday, and I was feeling a little blue and blah , missing my daughter Christina and Suj her husband and my adorable grandson Kavi. I couldn't decide what to do that day, wondering about driving to my favorite Indian restaurant in Birmingham or just nothing special, when I had an urge to have Zaxby's for lunch! There is one about 20 minutes away in Boaz, an area that Ray (my hubby) does a lot of work in. Jenny my youngest daughter and Rachel who is like a third daughter, Ray and me drove up together to have some "a step up from fast food" chicken. Ray told me before we left that there was a coffee shop in Boaz also and I didn't have much hope about it ( coffee in these here parts is just too weak for my taste)but there was an actual website for the place AND they said it was "Seattle Style"!
Well, after Zaxby's we headed to Jamoka's and found that the coffee was good AND the place was cute! Ah...looks like this birthday isn't a total loss after all!
We then took a ride about 8 miles further to show the girls an area that they had never been in before called Lake Guntersville. Even when we still lived in Florida, we knew people who had a cabin there or had vacationed there before. Fishing is the big thing there with a huge lake that the road goes right through the middle of. The Tennessee River also winds all through that region so the drive is very picturesque.
We got out of the car for a bit right on the shore of the Lake in an attempt to make a happy birthday phone video to send to Rachel's mom (her birthday same day as mine!)and there was a little rain falling on us, but it was peaceful and lovely to look at.
On the way back home we ended up seeing ANOTHER coffee shop named "Percaso's" and thought we would be really decadent and try the coffee there too! And it was also cute and my coffee was nice and strong!
Now, it would have been a perfect day if Kavi, Stina ans Suj were with us too! Kavi would have had fun running on the shore of the Lake, Stina and Suj would have loved the mountains and water views and Stina would especially have loved the coffees!

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