Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fun Fall Fashion!

Every Fall since I was a pre-teen I have looked forward to the extra chunky September Fashion magazines! I have always lived a thrifty life so it wasn't all the designer clothes that drew me in, but just for looking for inspiration for cheaper versions with similar styles, colors and textures.
Have you ever noticed how every September, different shades of purple come into vogue? I have noticed, and I always crave something in that color family as soon as the first cool breeze arrives! This year I have already gotten one purple plaid shirt from Target, one purple plaid Miley Cyrus (I know I'm too old to admit that but it fit so I had to get it!), and I ordered two from Faith21 (Forever21 plus size). That may seem like a lot, but it is my birthday month and I traditionally ask my husband to let me just get some shirts and stuff for the occasion that I pick out myself.


  1. I start craving plaid when the winds blow! I want jackets, pants, shirts...I turn into a friggin lumberjack in the fall! Oh and sweaters! I love sweaters!