Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Better Put that Healthy Sweets Thing On Hold!

Yesterday, before dinner I was pleasantly surprised by our neighbors, Jenn, Andy and their sweet little girl Afton with a gorgeous and delicious cake made for my birthday! I had seen this cake in a cookbook that Jenn got for her birthday, it was called "Triple Fat Pants Cake"! I thought that name was sooo funny and the cake looked scrumptious! So Jenn made this sweet treasure with a brownie base, homemade vanilla butter cream frosting with homemade chocolate chip cookies on top! Need I say more?

My birthday is this weekend and it is also the birthday of another sweet little girl neighbor, Sophia! Sophia's grandma is my good friend Nancy from Florida who has been on a baking trend and will be visiting this weekend, sooo I will try to put the fruit of self control in effect!

The cake was "to die for"! Thanks Jenn so much!!!


  1. I'm glad you are on hold right now 'cause I made some black and white cookies and raspberry fudge balls and some other cookies too that I will be bringing. That cake that Jenn made looks and sounds delicious.

  2. Whoo hoo!! A party in my tummy! So yummy so yummy!

  3. Oh my goodness...

    I LOVE the name of that cake! I bet is was so yummy.