Friday, August 28, 2009

Sneak peek at My Fall and Winter Hats!

This is a sneak peek of my new hats that I have just finished crocheting in order to get ready for fall and winter. The brown fuzzy hat is crocheted from a polyester and acrylic felt blend and is especially cozy feeling. The other four are from a chunky wool and acrylic blend. I love the textures of these hats, and I know that they will keep you warm in the days ahead! Each hat comes with a crocheted chain cord that is woven through the edge, so that head fit can be adjusted accordingly. I learned last year that my head is bigger than my daughters and their friends heads, so I thought this would help with various size noggins! I will be listing them soon for 18.00 each. I know that it is still August, but some areas of the country start getting chilly soon ( I wish this was one of those areas).
Also, some of you out there might actually start preparing for Christmas soon, so check back with my etsy site for more additions like scarves, cowls headbands!


  1. Oh my,that pink one is great!

  2. Wow they are just so adorable on you lady! I love them! ~Jillian~

  3. I tried crocheting a long time ago but gave up, then tried knitting and so far, so good!

    Now only to find TIME to knit! Or rather.. remember to bring it with me!