Saturday, August 8, 2009


Yes, friends, I finally did it! I scored the perfect chair for my living room for only......are you ready? Fifteen dollars!!! That is twenty dollars under my maximum used chair amount!!! My husband spotted it first, then I laid eyes on it and confirmed a rapid pullover! No offense to the guy who sold it to us, but he mostly just had rows of junky stuff with two wing back chairs at the end. I thought I would wait in the car, cause I figured that a good condition and good looking chair was out of our allotted price range. I told Ray, "If it's marked 50, offer him 40" ( I know that is five dollars over!) He sat on it and mouthed to me what I thought was 50, but in fact it was only 15!!! The guy even said we could have the other wing back chair for free, but as tempting as it was, it had rips on the arms and didn't match our stuff! I also snagged a nice solid wood bench for 15, and two vintage floral pictures for 2.50 a piece! Not bad at all, huh?

The dusty orange chair is the one we got, the burgundy color one was marked 125.00 and it was very comfy, so we had agreed to really splurge if the lady took 75.00, but she didn't budge. It's just as well though, cause that was way before scoring the 15.00 gem!!


  1. yay!! I am so glad you got your chair! What a deal!

  2. Hopefully I will be there next year and I definitely want to go with you because you always find the great buys.

  3. wow! I WANT one of those bikes!