Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Child of the Fifties

I don't exactly know why I love all these vintage images so much, but I guess they remind me of books, magazines and paper dolls from my youth. Does anyone ever see paper dolls anymore? It is rare and they seem to be kinda pricey. I personally LOVED playing with them as a little girl. My favorites were the bride and bridesmaids ones and the Petticoat Junction series with Bobby Joe, Betty Joe and Billie Joe! Soooo many pretty dresses to change the flimsy and delicate dolls in to! Thank the Lord for scotch tape which extended their lifespan for a few weeks!
Also, in the pictures I posted, the women look so happy to be all dolled up and cooking in their colorful kitchens! Maybe it will rub off on me, cause I am a little spazzy in my kitchen. I get the job done, but I am no Food Network host, that's for sure. I make a mess, usually am missing an ingredient, drop things, and break out in a sweat! And I hate the clean up part! Maybe if I had the right outfit, it would all magically change, but then again, I don't think so!


  1. Lovely post...I used to love the paper dolls

  2. oooh I love paper these days prefer the techno gadgets I guess... ps: Adore the vintage pictures! Lovely week to you ~