Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time...Is On My Side....Yes It Is...

A month or so ago I was in an Anthropologie store with my daughters and friends and couldn't help but notice high up on one of their walls, a display of old clocks. I immediately though that it was a GREAT idea, just like a wall of different size and shape frames or mirrors. Then a few weeks later I was at the same store and thought that the display looked kind of boring with a bunch of "handmade clocks" which were just pieces of wood with numbers on them! I guess my brain saw the display originally and computed all the possibilites with all the old clocks out in Thrift Store Land. Wouldn't you know that ever since I decided to gather up some old and even ugly clocks, I have seen nary a one? I just nabbed one at the Salvation Army for 5 bucks, but one clock does not a collection make! I found a few inspiring photos on google and have posted them for your enjoyment and inspiration. Hopefully, I will find a bunch at The World's Longest Yard Sale next month!
(the lonely ugly gold clock is the first of my collection, wondering if I should paint it....)


  1. Wonderful much time for you too spend..if you paint it keep it gold....

  2. i love this idea, and part of me wants to steal it for madilyns play room