Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dragonfly Inn (my version)

I have been an unashamed fan of the Gilmore Girls for years now, even though the main characters have made some MAJOR mistakes in the series! For the most part, though , the show features quirky characters in a small town in Connecticut that has a "downtown" that reminds me of my town, Gadsden. Well, except that we don't have a LUKES cafe with awesome coffee and food! (no offense Gadsden!)
The main character Lorelei, opens her dream Inn with her best friend and chef Sookie that has the most cozy and warm atmosphere. It was the sets that really drew me into the show, with all the homes being eclectic and lived in looking. I noticed a lot of details that other people didn't even care about, like the fabric on some couches, a vintage step stool in Lorelei's kitchen, the coffee mugs used on the show,the curtains with fringe, etc.
So....on Polyvore last night I found things that evoked for me the same feeling from the Dragonfly Inn on the show! (try to imagine a roaring fire in a fireplace and you are there!)


  1. Makes me want to sit down and stay awhile!

  2. I love GG! I have been drooling over the complete box set. May have to get it soon!