Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Czech it Out!

So... I am half Czech and half Ukrainian and sadly, know very little about these countries or their culture. My grandparents on both sides were from these places, but they passed away when I was young. Unfortunately it was when I was older that I wondered about the culture and people of these lands. I do know that my Ukrainian grampa was a tailor and was a young man when he left Kiev to move to NYC where he worked as a professional tailor until he retired. My father often took me to a Czech restaurant in Manhattan named PRAHA which is Prague in Czech. He said that it was exactly like the home cooking that his mom made for him. I loved all of the food that was served there, even the gross sounding "liver ball soup"!
One day when watching TV with my family, I blurted out that one of my greatest regrets in life was that I never effectively mastered the Russian (or Ukranian) accent! Whenever I tried, it would morph into spanishish or chinese sounding! (I figured it was way too late to try and master the actual language, so I just settled for wanting to fake an accent!)
I have posted these pictures from the Czech Republic, many from Prague, the capital and also some pictures of Ukrainian themed items!.


  1. Thank you for posting the beautiful photographs.I have visited each of the shops of the artists who took these and love their work. I am particularly enthralled with the fourth photo of the laundry hanging over the river. The colors in the photo are so beautiful. It is so pleasing to see that the dreariness that was always present in photos of Prague and other places in Eastern Europe is beginning to lift and it appears to be a brighter and happier place now!

    My husband's father's family was from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He is second generation American. We both hope to visit Prague one day.

  2. I just noticed that you are in Northeast Alabama. I am in Northwest Georgia so we aren't too far apart!

  3. Very cool photos. The accent thing, so true! hahaha

  4. Are you planning on visiting these city's?

  5. Someday I would love to visit these cities! It would be fun to see faces, eat food, and stroll through the streets that are from my heritage!