Friday, May 22, 2009

Homage To The Front Porch

After 25 years of living in Florida , last year me, my husband and family relocated to Alabama. Now, whenever I tell anyone here that I moved FROM Florida TO Alabama, they are always, like... WHY???? Well, it's a long story, but I believe it was Divine direction to get us here, cause we are originally from New York, and NOBODY that I knew in New York EVER said they wanted to live in Alabama.
And it is a shame, because this area is truly beautiful. We are at the beginning of the Appalachian Mountain range, there are hills, mountains, SEASONS!!! A river runs through the town, and even though it is a muddy brown river, I still think it is quite picturesque!
And there are beautiful birds singing all day long, which brings me to my topic of front porches. In Florida, I avoided the outside heat as much as possible, especially when those darling hot flashes entered my life. Don't get me wrong, Alabama isn't exactly Alaska in the summer either, but at least it only lasts for the actual summer season!
I have enjoyed my front porch here all fall, winter and spring. We have a bird bath and bird feeders that attract such cute and cheery birds especially right before dark. It is surprisingly refreshing to sit out there with a nice cup of coffee and just take in the sounds and sights. Sometimes tranquil, sometimes entertaining, if you have some unique neighbors like I do! I don't even mind the cars going by with their noisy radios blasting. Who needs an i-pod when you have a front porch?
Anyway,the sound of the trees rustling in the wind, and the melodic tunes of the birds just make me relax and think about how beautifully God created these things and how they are meant to refresh and entertain us.

If you live somewhere without a porch, then at least befriend someone with one, or go on vacation to a place with porches! You won't be sorry!

(My porch is the third picture from the top)


  1. I love this post! :) It makes me want to go out and sit on my porch. I think I'll do that...right now!

    :) ~Jillian~

  2. I wish I could sit on my front porch right now...but I will real soon. See you tomorrow.

  3. I know I liked sitting on your porch a lot!

  4. That Orange/Blue one looks like a Gator front porch! LOL

  5. I'm was born in Alabama so I understand completely! I live in France now and want to move back! Everyone thinks I'm nuts but Alabama is GORGEOUS:)

  6. Love your porch pictures (we are always looking for great porch ideas -!